In October of 1896

In October of 1896 - In October of 1896 Freud's father...

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In October of 1896, Freud's father Jakob died. Freud later realized that this was the event that triggered his self-analysis during the next three years. Our record of Freud's self-analysis is based on the letters to Fliess and on the autobiographical and semi-autobiographical material in Freud's later writings. From 1897 to 1899, Freud dedicated himself to recording and analyzing his dreams, dredging up old childhood memories, and, in the process, determining the roots of his own neuroses. The dreams he had during this period provided much of the raw material for The Interpretation of Dreams, which was published in November 1899. During the course of his self- analysis Freud came to the conclusion that his own problems were due to a repressed desire for his mother and hostility towards his father. This was the famous "Oedipal complex" that became the heart of Freud's theory about the origin of neurosis in all of his patients. When
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