In other respects

In other respects - In other respects however Gandhi made a conscious attempt to westernize himself taking lessons in French dancing elocution and

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Unformatted text preview: In other respects, however, Gandhi made a conscious attempt to westernize himself, taking lessons in French, dancing, elocution and the violin. Although he soon abandoned these, it was during this period that he also began dressing in the English fashion, a habit that he was to keep up for many years. At the same time, his philosophical and religious education began in earnest, as he became friends with a number of Christians, reading the Bible for the first time. While he never accepted the Christian idea of sin and redemption, and tended toward a universalist idea of religion rather than Christian particularism, Gandhi was deeply influenced by the New Testament, particularly Christ's Sermon on the Mount, with its celebration of humility and "the poor in spirit." It was in England as well, ironically enough, that Gandhi first seriously read the...
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