In the first few years of 20th century

In the first few years of 20th century - In the first few...

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Unformatted text preview: In the first few years of 20th century, Freud was in a transitional period. His first two major psychoanalytic works had been published ( The Interpretation of Dreams in 1899 and The Psychopathology of Everyday Life in 1901), but he had not yet received the recognition or support he was hoping for. He had alienated himself from his old mentor, colleague, and father figure Josef Breuer, and from the friend that came to replace Breuer, the speculative Berlin doctor Wilhelm Fliess. Freud's position within the University of Vienna had remained tentative through the 1890s. In 1885, he had been awarded the title of Privatdozent, an honorary position that was usually the first step in a successful career. But Freud's Judaism, his choice of controversial research topics, and his emphasis on private practice, all prevented further advancement. It was only in 1902 that, with help from a former patient, Freud finally advancement....
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