Joseph Daniels

Joseph Daniels - Joseph Daniels - Daniels had been...

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Unformatted text preview: Joseph Daniels - Daniels had been appointed by Wilson to be Secretary of the Navy, and asked Roosevelt on the morning of the inauguration whether he wanted to be his assistant. Daniels was the opposite of everything that Roosevelt was. He was a Southern, while FDR was a blueblood Yankee. He had no knowledge of ships, whereas FDR was an avid sailor. He also staunchly opposed Roosevelt's policies during WWI. Unlike FDR, who believed that military preparedness was essential, Daniels, like most Americans who watched the war across the Atlantic with detachment, did not believe in preparing for a war that the country was not planning to enter. Lucy Mercer - Lucy Mercer came from a distinguished family whose fortune had dwindled and was forced to work for society women in order to make her means. She became Eleanor Roosevelt's social secretary while she was in Washington for the first...
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