The inauguration speech in January of 1937 was

The inauguration speech in January of 1937 was - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The inauguration speech in January of 1937 was "militantly humanitarian," and, to the President reveling in his electoral success, it seemed that only the Supreme Court stood in his path. He launched a strident attack on the institution within weeks of the beginning of his second term. By now, Louis Howe had succumbed to an illness, and the President could find no trustworthy and frank advisor as a replacement. FDR developed a new bill on his own, and jubilantly announced on February 5–two days after his annual White House reception for the Judiciary–his plan for the Supreme Court. He proposed that the court be reorganized because of its inability to meet its caseload, and asked for permission to add an additional member for each Justice over seventy who would not retire. At this time, six Supreme Court members, including the four most conservative, retire....
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