The Queen was not just for show

The Queen was not just for show - The Queen was not just...

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Unformatted text preview: The Queen was not just for show, however. She had both natural talent and a willingness to study and deliberate. She was always cautious in foreign affairs, preferring in most cases to wait and see what happened, and decide what to do at the last moment. This patience often gave England an advantage over European nations led by more hotheaded rulers. Elizabeth's fear of committing to action in foreign affairs, particularly her aversion to any and all war, was largely a product of her childhood, in which she had often witnessed the high costs of failure in politics. Extraordinarily stingy for a woman so wealthy, she believed wars expensive, and peace cheap. She came off as high-strung and nervous, which was not surprising, for England was in a very bad international position at the time. With no clear successor to follow her, France and Spain were both jockeying for time....
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