Basin and Range - Basin and Range (Trans-Sierra) Geology...

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Basin and Range (Trans-Sierra) Geology Basin and Range Region Land of high mountains and deep valleys o Bounded on the west by steep eastern face of the Sierra Nevada o Extends east through Nevada to Hurricane Cliffs and Wasatch Front in Utah o Highest and lowest points in lower 48 states 85 miles apart Highest point is Mt. Whitney at 4,416m (14,480') Lowest point in Western Hemisphere is Badwater in Death Valley at -86m (-280') 2005 with temporary lake o Elevations generally decrease eastward Mono Lake at 6,700' Owens Valley floor at 4,000' Panamint Valley floor at 1,500' Saline Valley floor at 1,000' Death Valley floor at sea level Geologic History o Some of oldest rocks in California exposed on east face of Death Valley About 1-1.5 billion years old Match rock in Grand Canyon inner gorge May have been part of ancient supercontinent Rodinia o Most ranges east of Sierra Nevada composed of 300-700 million year old sedimentary rocks
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Basin and Range - Basin and Range (Trans-Sierra) Geology...

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