Coastal Geomorpholog1

Coastal Geomorpholog1 - Coastal Geomorphology Subaerial...

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Unformatted text preview: Coastal Geomorphology Subaerial weathering and erosion • various aspects of coastal environments favour other geomorphic processes • eolian o beaches and mud flats at low tide are unprotected from onshore winds, thus coastal sand dunes are common landforms • mass wasting o wave erosion is concentrated at the water surface producing sea caves and wave- cut notches o headlands therefore retreat as sea cliffs are undermined by wave erosion, and therefore fail by sliding, flowing or falling o the mass wasted debris can initially protect the base of a sea cliff, but then contributes to erosion as the material is exported and reduced in size (attrition) by waves and also contributes to abrasion of the sea cliff • weathering o chemical and mechanical weathering are accentuated at the shoreline by the presence of water and salt o water-level weathering contributes to the planing of shore platforms Erosional Landforms • in resistant rock, erosional landforms tend to relict, because of significant Quaternary sea...
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Coastal Geomorpholog1 - Coastal Geomorphology Subaerial...

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