Geomorphology - Geomorphology the systematic description...

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Geomorphology the systematic description and analysis of landforms and the processes that create/modify them Landform an element of the landscape that can be observed in its entirety and has consistence of form Landscape earth surfaces composed of an assemblage of subjectively defined, lesser surfaces Geomorphic system a set of related landforms and processes, usually defined in terms of a dominant agent of geomorphic activity (water, gravity, ice, wind, waves, or organisms) BASIC CONCEPTS AND APPROACHES Physical geomorphology explanatory description, analysis of process mechanics, modelling, geological and engineering oriented Environmental geomorphology regional description, geographical, relationship of unique landscapes to environmental variables Climatic geomorphology regional landscapes (morphogenic regions) are related to distinctive climates and geomorphic processes Climatogenetic geomorphology recognizing successive periods of relief development; explaining historical development
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Geomorphology - Geomorphology the systematic description...

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