chemical formula of a hydrate

chemical formula of a hydrate - that I received in my...

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Reanna Echeverria 10/05/2011 Chem Lab Determination of the Percent by Mass of Water and Chemical Formula of a Hydrate The purpose of this lab experiment was to introduce a hydrate, and introduce some helpful lab techniques like weighing, and use of a Bunsen burner, and to analyze how chemical formulas give ratios of moles of the components of the compound. The purpose of this lab was definitely accomplished. I got a salt to water ratio, after my calculations, which had to be rounded to the nearest whole number. The nearest whole number was .05 away from the number
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Unformatted text preview: that I received in my calculations. I received 1.95 and I rounded it to 2, to complete my formula to BaCl 2 x 2H 2 O which was the actual. Any experimental sources of error could be: weighing improperly, improper calculations, the human error, or false information for calculations. All of which could contribute to a ratio that would be too high, or in my case too low. I only took to the hundredths for my calculations on the mass of the water, and the hydrate which could be the source of my low calculation. Section: 007 Kristy Sligar...
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