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Reanna Echeverria 01/02/2011 Chem 111L Consumer Report Analysis of Antacids The percent by mass of carbonate in Na2CO3 was found to be 56.6% (in the prelab). The antacid tablet is not pure carbonate because in the calculations you can see that we found the percent by mass of carbonate in the tablet by taking the mass of carbonate which was present in the flask(to get mass of carbonate present in the flask, the moles of sodium carbonate were
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Unformatted text preview: calculated and divided by 2), and dividing it by the grams of the tablet. In my tums tablet’s particular camass of carbonate present in my flask was .2480g ÷ 1.316 (which was the grams of the tablet) = .1884 or 18.84% by mass of carbonate in the tablet....
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