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Communication Activity Report #1 - (term#5 p 75 people talk...

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Reanna Echeverria Communications 101  08/29/2011 Jim Poston Communication Activity Report #1   I went to the fair this weekend. I said that I was not going to spend any money,  and I didn’t, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy  (term #1 p. 29).  I stereotype d (term #2 p.  31) the “carnies” who worked and operated all the rides who were all old, Mexican men,  by my interpretation  (term #3 p.33). No matter if I was stereotyping the “carnies”, I  marveled at the invention  (term#4 p. 160) of the fair rides.  Hearing
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Unformatted text preview: (term #5 p. 75) people talk was hard because of the noise level, so actual listening (term #6 p. 75) was much more difficult, more pseudolistening (term #7 p. 83) was going on. You could say that environmental factors (term #8 p. 135) were affecting a lot more than just conversations, like sight. Silence (term #9 p. 138) was absent every corner from the fair. There were so many people; everyone was touching while walking in the crowd, which is Haptics (term #10 p.131)....
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