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communication activity report #2 - (term 5, pg 330) must be...

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Reanna Echeverria 09/29/2011 Comm 101 Jim Poston Communication Activity Report #2 An impromptu speech could be one described as a speech to entertain (term 1, pg 327). I have a negative outlook on the informative speech this semester, speeches to inform (term 2, pg 328) are difficult for me, not to mention speeches to persuade (term 3, pg 329). I don’t know if I can persuade someone to do something. I’ve made a specific purpose (term 4, pg 330) to have a big applause after my speeches. Which means the mean ideas of my speech, aka, thesis statement
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Unformatted text preview: (term 5, pg 330) must be entertaining. To help, I will adapt my speech listeners by doing a demographic audience analysis (term 6, pg 332). I wont use many statistics (term 7, pg 357), because most people dislike math, but I will use many personal examples (term 8, pg 352) of my life to enhance comparisons (term 9, pg 353) between me and the audience, to improve listening. Lastly I will visually wow the crowd with a stunning visual aide (term 10, pg 357) to boost my speech....
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