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Informative speech - Reanna Echeverria Comm 101 Cover Page...

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Reanna Echeverria Comm 101 October 20 2011 Cover Page General purpose: To inform listeners about quantum mechanics. Specific purpose: I want listeners to gain knowledge about quantum mechanics to p promote thinking outside the box. Thesis statement: Life does not move forward unless a conscious being is o o observing it. Type of informative speech: Explanation Organizational Pattern: Topical Quantum Mechanics 1. Attention Albert Einstein said: “If [quantum theory] is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science”(Einstein 1). He also said “I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it”. (Einstein 2) 2. Link to Classmates: Learning about quantum mechanics will make you challenge that the very reality that you know even exists. Most quantum physicists think that life does not move forward unless a conscious being is observing it (Incubator). Does that mean that nothing is real, and there is no life?
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1 st main point: Quantum mechanics explains the behavior of all the tiny particles that everything is made of. Down where things are very small, the universe follows a different set of rules. For example: if dice where quantum and you threw one die and it landed on 5. You threw a second die, it would also be 5, always. The double slip experiment can make you question whether reality exists at all. What happens is that it shoots particles of light called photons, one at a time through two tiny slits in a screen (Incubator). Then there is a camera that
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