writing exercise #3

writing exercise #3 - Reanna Echeverria Exercise #3...

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Reanna Echeverria Exercise #3 09/13/2011 Character Hardworking: Many people chose this term. It is very broad, but the definition that I liked was: getting what needs to get done, done. It was a male, talking about his grandfather who is a get up and go kind of guy, and who is really proactive in nature. Hardworking is a huge definer of character because if you are not hardworking it could mean that you are lazy, uncaring, unwilling or just a plain bad person. I consider someone who is hardworking to have a lot of character, and generally be a good person. Compassionate: The definition that was given was someone who is kindhearted, considerate, gentle, benevolent, sympathetic, empathetic, and caring. Someone who shows feelings of understanding for the pain of others, often with a desire to help. She gave an example of her aunt. Her aunt has four children with her husband, and is a wonderful mother to them. Then she adopted three kids from Lithuania, and to her, that is the most compassionate thing
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writing exercise #3 - Reanna Echeverria Exercise #3...

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