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1Dr. Stickle Exam 1 Biol 2160 100 Points Name A. Multiple Choice (60 points = 30 questions x 2 points each). Select the letter representing the BEST answer for each question and fill in the appropriate circle on the answer key. 1. If a code word consists of the nucleotide base sequence AGA, the complementary base sequence of the codon will be ? A. UCU B. GAG C. AAU D. AGA E. none of the above 2. The cell layer of the epidermis which contains melanocytes is the: A. Stratum corneum B. Stratum granulosum C. Stratum lucidum D. Stratum spinosum E. Stratum basale 3. A marathoner would use the energy system known as the ? during a marathon. A. Glycogen-lactic acid system B. Aerobic system C. Phosphagen system D. Glycogen-lactic acid and aerobic system E. None of the above 4. The pulmonary capacity of greatest interest to the medical community is the: A. Inspiratory capacity B. Functional Residual Capacity C. Vital Capacity D. Total lung capacity E. None of the above 5. Gaucher’s disease is an inborn error of metabolism that is associated with: A. Mental retardation and epilepsy B. Liver and spleen enlargement, and brain degeneration C. Atherosclerosis of coronary and large arteries D. Brain degeneration and death at age 5 E. Susceptibility to skin cancer 6. The molecule which is both an intermediate in the catabolism of glucose to carbon dioxide and water and the end product of the beta oxidation of fatty acids is ? A. acetyl Co-A B. pyruvic acid C. lactic acid D. glucose-6-phosphate E. malic acid 1
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7. A muscle of expiration is the: A. Diaphragm B. External Intercostals C. Abdominal Muscles D. Neck Muscles E. None of the above 8. The type of tissue which always has a basement membrane is: A. Epithelial B. Connective C. Muscle D. Nervous E. None of the above 9. The minute respiratory volume of man at rest averages: A. 12 breaths per minute B. 500 mls
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Sum06ex1B - 1 1Dr Stickle Exam 1 Biol 2160 Points 100 Name...

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