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Contract Offer - Contract Offer A Write an offer to sell...

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Contract Offer A. Write an offer to sell your vehicle to a member of your class, considering the information presented in this Learning Plan. For Sale. 2002 4-door 2WD Honda Accord LX; Automatic; Silver with beige interior and sport fin. Approximately 158,000k miles in good condition. Has power windows, doors, and cloth seats. Includes CD player, Bose speakers, sunroof, and GPS navigation. Car is sold “as is” (no warranty included) on a first-come, first-served basis and is available now. Selling for $10,500.00 obo; will only accept cash, money order or cashier’s check for total amount, due immediately upon sale. Seller will arrange for free delivery if transporting in town or 50-mile radius. Serious offers only. If interested, call (123) 456- 7890 and ask to speak to Aerin. B. Determine whether the offer that you prepared in question A would create a unilateral or a bilateral contract. The offer prepared in question A would be a bilateral contract because each contracting party makes a promise to the other contracting party. It is an exchange of a promise for a
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