Fallsview v. Rosenfeld

Fallsview v. Rosenfeld - Questions A. Briefly explain...

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Questions A. Briefly explain Fallsview Glatt Kosher Caterers, Inc.'s claim against Willie Rosenfeld. Fallsview’s claim against Rosenfeld is that the company operates as a catering business that specializes in organizing and operating programs with various hotels to supply kosher food during the Jewish holiday. Fallsview set-up a program at a country club that offered accommodations, food and entertainment and Rosenfeld requested 15 accommodations for members of his family and full participation in the program for the price of $24,050.00. After Fallsview made the arrangements, Rosenfeld failed to appear without notifying Fallsview and then failed to remit the $24,050.00 payment. Fallsview is suing Rosenfeld for breach of the agreement. B. Upon what grounds (on what basis) did Willie Rosenfeld move for dismissal of Fallsview's complaint? Rosenfeld moved for dismissal of Fallsview’s complaint on the grounds that the action is barred by Section 2-201 of the Universal Commercial Code. C. What does UCC Article 2 Section 2-201 state, as adopted by the State of New York?
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Fallsview v. Rosenfeld - Questions A. Briefly explain...

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