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Lewis v. Aslesen A. Generally describe the land that was in dispute in this civil action? The land that was in dispute was a 16-foot-wide strip of land running between the Aslesen’s and Lewis’s residential lots in Canton, South Dakota. B. Upon what legal theory did the trial court grant title to land? The legal theory the trial court used to grant title to land was adverse possession. C. What year did the parties to the action purchase their respective residential lots? The parties purchased their residential lots in 1972. D. Briefly describe how Aslesens used the disputed land? The Aslesens used the land for sports, get-togethers, parking and occasional access to their property. E. Briefly describe how Lewises used the disputed land? The Lewises planted three trees roughly along a line in the middle of the land and a flower garden on a portion of it. F. What facts must a person show to acquire ownership of land in South Dakota by adverse possession? Those claiming ownership to land through adverse possession must show that their possession
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