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Change/Stressor Level of Stress Little/ Medium/ Much Why Solutions Moving next month Much Have to locate first, packing, unpacking, resettling, expensive See if we can renew the lease at where we’re living now, save early to pay for moving expenses Recently Married Little Name change, taxes are complicated, role definitions, joint finances Seek advice, have a tax service complete this year’s taxes Difficulty finding new job Much Frustrating, demoralizing, depressing, complicated, exhaustive Try a temp agency, try a new job seeking method, network more Finances Much Living off one income, difficulty paying bills Find a new job, lower
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Unformatted text preview: costs and expenses by cutting back Class: Business Law Medium Difficult subject, extensive assignments Ask instructor for help Class: Organizational Behavior Much Writing intensive, unfamiliar subject Spend more time with the subject, begin writing assignments earlier My health Medium Stress is taking toll on my immune system Find an effective way of managing stress, live a more healthy lifestyle My father’s health Much Recently diagnosed as diabetic, overweight, age range for heart attacks Encourage him to start living a healthier lifestyle, make sure he makes regular doctor visits....
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