Metzger v. Americredit

Metzger v. Americredit - Metzger v Americredit A Briefly...

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Metzger v. Americredit A. Briefly explain Theresa Metzger's claim against Americredit Financial Services, Inc. Metzger sought an appeal from an order entered by the Superior Court of Clayton County granting partial summary judgment to Americredit Financial Services on her claim for conversion based on the alleged wrongful repossession of her vehicle. Metzger bought a 1997 Ford Taurus from a used car dealership in the state of Georgia in March, 2002. Seven months after she bought the car, Americredit repossessed it because they claimed they had a prior lien on it although Metzger was unaware of this at the time. The previous owner of the car gave Americredit a security interest (lien) on the vehicle when he originally purchased it in the state of New York. When the owner moved to Georgia, he submitted an application to the DMV to convert the existing New York certificate of title to a Georgia one. But when the DMV processed the application there was a clerical data entry error and the new title did not note Americredit’s security interest in the vehicle. Believing they had finally found the vehicle, Americredit
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Metzger v. Americredit - Metzger v Americredit A Briefly...

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