Buying Situation or Scenario

Buying Situation or Scenario - The purpose of this...

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the buying behavior of a soon-to-be restaurant entrepreneur, Antonio Rodriguez. Antonio is interested in purchasing a computer system that will serve the various needs of his business and so he will need to make a business purchasing decision using the business buying process. However, Antonio is still a lone individual and is responsible for all purchasing decisions made on behalf of his company. Because Antonio is making the decision for his business, but is the sole individual responsible for making the decisions, many factors in both the consumer and business buying processes appear to be present. Some elements influencing the consumer buying process are culture, social, personal, and psychological. Factors influencing the business buying process include environmental, organizational, interpersonal, and individual. Many of these factors seem almost interchangeable except that they exist on two different levels. The consumer process can be seen to operate on the micro level, while the business process is observable on the macro. Both are present and play a role in Antonio’s decision-making process. Describe how cultural, social, personal and psychological influences might shape Antonio’s buying decision. Cultural, social, personal and psychological influences fall within the realm of the consumer’s buying behavior and decision-making process. Any one or all of these factors could alter Antonio’s decision. The information supplied on Antonio is brief, but some characteristics are provided. What is known is that Antonio was employed on Wall Street and was moderately financially comfortable. By living frugally he managed to invest his income into savings with the intention of one day pursuing his dream of opening and operating his own restaurant. After reaching his financial goal, Antonio spent the next 16 months in preparation for opening his Aztec cuisine inspired establishment. After planning the details, he decided he was ready to purchase a computer system to better help the needs of his business. Once again, examining the cultural, social, personal and psychological influences involved in
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Buying Situation or Scenario - The purpose of this...

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