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Dell Implementation of Strategies

Dell Implementation of Strategies - Dell Inc is a...

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Dell Inc. is a technology company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells, and supports a range of products. Its product categories include mobility products, desktop personal computers (PCs), software and peripherals, servers and networking, services, and storage. Dell is the biggest PC manufacturer in the world and has aligned itself with Intel and Microsoft in a digital marketing drive to establish itself as a leading home entertainment brand. What is Dell’s brand image? Dell’s brand image is closely tied with the desktop and laptop PC market. Many consumers are unaware that Dell sells a variety of computer industry products. The Dell name is widely known and advertisements for affordable Dell PC packages are common. Dell is known for their customizable bundled packages that allow the consumer control of what features, programs, and specifications they would like pre-assembled in their order. Dell promotes itself as being dedicated to customer service by encouraging customer interactions daily, organized events, social media venues, and customer panels. It believes that a partnership with a wide variety of key industry software, hardware and component suppliers ensures a reduction in incompatibility problems so products work seamlessly in existing environments and with other products. Dell states that its innovation is the result of its in-house team effort of top engineers, product designers and technical experts. Discuss any of the four characteristics affecting the marketing of Dell’s service. The four characteristics that could affect the marketing of a service are intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory. A particular characteristic that could affect the marketing of Dell’s service is intangibility. Dell’s tangible products would be a bundled PC package, complete with selected specifications and additional peripherals chosen by a customer. After the customer makes their selections, it is pre-assembled in his order and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty good for one-year. From the time of purchase the
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