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Ethics Policy - Luckys Sports Theater and Grill Ethics...

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Lucky’s Sports Theater and Grill Ethics Policy Here at Lucky's, we see things differently and we invite you to do the same. Our goal is to create the perfect sports restaurant experience by providing the best in High Definition technology, selection and entertainment. Lucky's core purpose is to nourish and delight everyone we serve, as supported by our core values of integrity and fairness, respect and caring, diversity, always learning – always teaching, being “of service”, teamwork and excellence. Lucky's (Company) policy is to operate within the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations. The Company expects each employee to reflect these core values, and exercise the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and objectivity in actions and relationships which may affect the Company, or where the employee represents or negotiates on behalf of the Company. Employees must not misuse the authority or influence of their positions in these relationships. When there is doubt as to whether an action is appropriate, or whether it will cause embarrassment to the Company or its reputation, it should be avoided. 1. Overview Lucky’s purpose for this ethics policy is to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices.
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Ethics Policy - Luckys Sports Theater and Grill Ethics...

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