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Internet Sales - For this assignment, the class was asked...

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For this assignment, the class was asked to read, evaluate and discuss The New York Times article by Bob Tedeschi “Salesmanship Comes to the Online Stores, but Please Call it a Chat”. The article was about the retailer Lands’ End and their decision to implement an innovative e-commerce tool, the interactive customer service chat room. What makes the tool innovative is the company’s decision to become more like longtime live-chat web sites and now actively approach site visitors instead of being only customer initiated. Identify and explain the type of sales force structure Lands’ End utilizes on-line. The three types of sales force structures are territorial, product, and customer. A territorial sales force structure is common when a company sells only one product line to one industry with customers in many locations. A product or customer sales force structure is usually used if a company sells many products to many types of customers, difference being whether they decide to stress more on being knowledgeable on complex, specific products or more customer focused. Because Lands’ End’s sales initiated chat rooms are online, and the article doesn’t specifically mention if it has different shopping assistants based on the products purchased, it is difficult to say which sales force structure example fits it best. It could be labeled as territorial if examined as online being a territory, such as, catalog sales being another. Or it could be viewed as a product sales force structure if different online chat assistants are initiated for different product categories, for example, shoes or men or women’s clothing. However, it could also be seen as a customer sales force structure if the chat box is initiated by the amount of money that may be spent based on the items in the customer’s cart. Based on the limited information supplied in the article, it is difficult to determine which sales force structure it is or whether it is a combination of any of the three. Identify whether this type of Internet sales uses transaction or relationship marketing. Transaction-oriented marketing is focused on the short-term goal of an immediate sale or close. Relationship
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Internet Sales - For this assignment, the class was asked...

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