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Software Training Team - skills will be needed to oversee...

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Criteria Reason(s) Potential Position(s) in the organization Technical skills like information technology or programming A person with these skills will be necessary to understand the technical aspects of the software and to maintain it once it has been implemented. Information Technology Specialist or Support Technician. Training or learning and development skills Someone experienced with organizational teaching will be need to train others using effective learning and development methods. Training or Learning Officer Coordination skills or knowledge of organizational structure Someone with coordination
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Unformatted text preview: skills will be needed to oversee the entire project, monitor progress, and evaluate feedback. Coordinator or Information Director Financial knowledge or accounting skills A person from the accounting department will be needed to oversee the funds and budget for the project. Financial Analyst or Accountant Familiarity with organizational resources and support channels Someone with knowledge of acquiring and securing necessary resources and responsible for maintaining contacts for organizational support. Human Resource Administrator or Property Manager...
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