0. Description of Disorders - DESCRIPTIONS OF DISORDERS...

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D ESCRIPTIONS OF D ISORDERS H ANDOUT F ALL 2011 Below are basic descriptions of all of the disorders that you could choose from for your semester-long project. Read through these descriptions carefully and choose which form of psychopathology interests you. Across the semester, you will work with a group of other students who are interested in the same form of psychopathology. You will find articles related to that disorder, develop a research question about it, and attempt to “answer” that research question. Please note that you will learn about many more disorders in class throughout this semester; however, only the disorders described below may be used for the project. Note also that some of the measures we will use to test these disorders will not assess the disorder itself, but rather important core features of that disorder. Where this is the case, it will be indicated below. These core features are highly associated with diagnosis of their respective disorders. Major Depressive Disorder: (assessed as Anhedonic Depression) Ψ Individuals with MDD experience significantly depressed mood and/or a loss of interest/pleasure in things that would otherwise make them happy. Ψ They also tend to experience disturbances in sleeping, eating, energy levels, and thinking/decision-making abilities. Ψ Although MDD is associated with increased risk for suicide, we will not be assessing this feature of the disorder. Social Phobia: (assessed as Avoidant Personality Disorder) ** Social Phobia and Avoidant Personality Disorder are conceptually very similar. Thus, for the purposes of this project, you may use this psychopathology measure to ask a research question about either Social Phobia or Avoidant
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0. Description of Disorders - DESCRIPTIONS OF DISORDERS...

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