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Psych 238 Syllabus_%28Fall_2011%29-Joseph_STUDENT ver0 -...

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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (PSYCH 238) Psychology Building, Rm. 142 Fall 2011: Sections H and I I NSTRUCTOR Nancy Joseph E-mail [email protected] Office 736 Psychology Building Mailbox 3 rd floor Psychology Building Office Hours Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 PM and Thursdays 4:00-5:00 PM, or by appointment Class meeting times Section H: Section I: C OURSE O BJECTIVES Through the use of readings, videos, activities, lectures, and written assignments, after taking this course you should be able to: evaluate various definitions of abnormal behavior and mental disorders describe the signs and symptoms of specific mental disorders compare and contrast different disorders identify which populations are more vulnerable to specific mental disorders explain the causes of mental disorders describe treatment and prevention strategies for specific mental disorders have a compassionate understanding of what it is like to live with a mental disorder and think more openly about people who have mental disorders R EQUIRED T EXT Oltmanns, T. F., & Emery, R. E. (2012). Abnormal psychology (7 th ed.) . Boston: Pearson. C OMPASS W EB S ITE The textbook for this class has a companion website ( on which you may find helpful study guides, links to mental health websites, and case study videos. This may aid in your review of content. However, do not rely on their test questions as they may differ in type and difficulty from those on quizzes and exams. There is also a link to this website from the course website. C OURSE W EB S ITE A Compass web site is available and can be accessed through . This syllabus and other course material, including study guides and announcements will be posted on the website. I-C LICKER The university-approved I-Clicker will be used for this course so please bring it to every class . Using the I-Clicker in the classroom is a fast and effective way for instructors to get an idea of what students are learning in the course and to get students more actively involved in the class. I-Clickers are available in the major bookstores on campus. Please see the I-Clicker FAQ sheet on our Compass web site if you have questions about how to register your I-Clicker online; however, it is not required that you register your I-Clicker. The link to this website is also available on the Compass web site. See me if your ID number on the back has been rubbed off.
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L ECTURE N OTES NNOUNCEMENTS PowerPoint slides (in pdf format) will be posted on the Compass web site prior to the first lecture for that chapter. Please note that the slides are considered incomplete ; they are designed to facilitate note taking. This does not mean that they are missing words, figures, etc; rather, it means that you will be given information verbally in class that is not on the slides. Therefore, do not rely solely on these notes to pass the course; you still need to attend class and take your own notes. Also, unless
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Psych 238 Syllabus_%28Fall_2011%29-Joseph_STUDENT ver0 -...

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