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Updated 6/29/10 Instructions for Participating in Psychology Subject Pool Below are instructions about participating in the Subject Pool. Please read the information carefully. If you have questions, consult the FAQ or contact the Subject Pool Coordinator. You must be 18 years old to take part in the Subject Pool. If you are not 18 by September 20 th , you must register for Subject Pool and complete the pretest. However, you will be given an alternative assignment. If you have moral or ethical concerns with participating in this research, please contact your Instructor for an alternative assignment. Credits/Points Subject Pool credits are determined by the length of the experiment, according to the following: 1 Subject Pool credit for completing a 50 minute (or 1 hour) experiment 2 Subject Pool credits for completing a 110 minute (or 2 hour) experiment 3 Subject Pool credits for completing a 170 minute (or 3 hour) experiment The total credits allowed and how each credit is converted to points for your psychology course grade will be determined by your instructor. For Psychology 100, each credit is worth 3 points of your course grade. If you complete all 6 required studies, you will receive 2 bonus points for a total of 20 points. You can only receive credit for studies that you have signed up via SONA. You can review your credits by logging into SONA and clicking on “My Schedule and Credits”. Researchers must record credit within 48 hours of the study. If credit has not been recorded after 48 hours, contact the Subject Pool Coordinator. Registering for Subject Pool consists of 2 steps: (1) Create a SONA account, and (2) Complete the pretest. Regardless of age, you must register for Subject Pool. You must register by September 20 th , but have until December 9 th to sign up for and complete your Subject Pool experiments. 1. Go to the SONA website http://uiuc.sona­ . SONA does not use passwords that you use for other university services, so you will create an account just for Subject Pool. On the screen, click "New participant, request an account here". Enter your name, user ID (the netID of your Illinois email), student number, and the course(s) you want credit in. Your user name and password will be emailed to you promptly.
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InstructionsForResearchParticipation - ..Ifyou...

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