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CI 401 –Lesson Plan Rubric NAME: ________________________________________ Lesson Plan Category Score Goal(s) Big picture statement(s) of learning outcomes (2) Objectives Specific statements of what a student should know and be able to do by the end of the lesson. These should be measurable, assessed in the lesson, and include different levels of student thinking (Bloom’s Taxonomy) (2) Materials List all needed materials and quantities (1) Motivation/Hook Effective way to grab students’ attention and spark interest and/or curiosity. This can be clearly labeled within the lesson procedure if desired. (2) Lesson Procedure Detailed directions, logical lesson flow, key transitions, important questions, teacher anticipations, specific math examples and definitions, scripted lines, student expectations, etc. Suggested times for each part of the lesson. A lesson should be broken
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Unformatted text preview: down into sections no longer than 10 minutes per section. (6) Closure • Logical and meaningful wrap-up of the lesson (2) Extension • Extra questions/problems/activities if there is time (1) Assessment Summary • How will you know if your objectives have been met? List strategies used during your lesson to gauge student understanding. This should be directly connected to the specific objectives you stated at the beginning of the lesson. (2) Standards • Which Common Core Mathematical Standards are addressed in your lesson? Write the label for the standard (ex: A-CED.1) and the wording of the standard. • Which Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice are promoted best in your lesson? Write the name of the standard(s) and one sentence that describes how your lesson promotes that standard. (2) TOTAL: (20)...
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