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1 Section M2 ; Room 201, 505 E. Green Instructor: Adam Poetzel Office: 309 Education Office hours: Mondays 3-4, or by appt. Office phone: 333-0227 E-mail: apoetzel@illinois.edu C&I 401 M & M2: Introduction to Teaching Mathematics in a Diverse Society Fall Semester, 2011 Wednesday 8-10:50am Section M ; Room 4G EDUC Instructor: Gloriana González Office: 387 Education Office hours: Mondays 3-4, or by appt. Office phone: 333-3813 E-mail: ggonzlz@illinois.edu Course Moodle Page: http://learn.ed.uiuc.edu (Key: Pythagoras) OCE Website: http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/ci/oce/ Overview: C&I 401 is the first of four courses in a professional sequence that will help you in the ongoing process of becoming a secondary mathematics teacher. Although mathematical investigations and theories of learning and teaching permeate this and all other courses in the sequence, this introductory course has the following foci: a) coming to know oneself and others within our diverse society, b) broadening perspectives of teaching, learning, and mathematics, c) gaining entry into the professional world of mathematics education, and d) gaining experience designing and delivering secondary mathematics lessons. Goal: We will be engaging in various activities and projects that will help to equip you with the tools and philosophies necessary to teach a diverse student population effectively. To accomplish this goal, we will be approaching it from three standpoints: I. Reflecting upon and examining the diverse nature of students II. Examining, performing, and reflecting upon specific teaching practices III. Building an awareness of current research and related trends in Math Education This semester we will collaborate as we: 1. Explore the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ Principles and Standards. 2. Become familiar with various learning theories and teaching strategies in order to continue developing your personal philosophy on the teaching of mathematics. 3. Learn to perform specific activities of teaching: Establishing classroom norms, explaining concepts, explaining procedures, and teaching with student participation. 4. Gain greater pedagogical understandings of mathematics through problem posing and problem solving with an emphasis on communication, connections, technology, and representation. 5. Develop our ability to create lesson plans that engage students in meaningful mathematics. 6. Explore the world of mathematics education with a focus on recent mathematics education research and practices. We will research various “hot topics” in today’s school communities and present our findings to the class. 7.
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This note was uploaded on 12/15/2011 for the course CI 401 taught by Professor Poetzel during the Fall '11 term at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

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401_Syllabus2011_FINAL_ - C&I 401 M & M2:...

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