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401_PeerTeachHW2011 - C&I 401 Peer Teaching Assignment WHO...

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C&I 401 Peer Teaching Assignment WHO? You! It’s time to put on your math-teaching hat. WHAT? You and a partner will be preparing a twenty-minute lesson covering a specific math concept or procedure to the rest of our class. Your goal will be to prepare a mathematically accurate and engaging lesson that utilizes student participation to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying mathematics. There are 12 math concepts and 12 mathematical procedures on the back of this sheet from which to choose (each topic can only be used by one group in each section). To sign up for a topic, you or your partner should post a response on Moodle in the Forum entitled “Select Your Peer Teaching Topic Here”. Please put your selected topic in the title of your posting. Topics are on a first come, first serve basis. Any special supplies need to be requested in advance. WHEN? Peer teaching lessons will be taught in class on 11/2 and 11/9 .
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