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Homework to Practice Discursive Moves Found in the Rubric for Teaching with Student Participation NAME: ___________________________ Below you will find a class discussion for teaching students about linear equations with a specific problem about costs of cell phone plans. Your job is to insert 10 teacher lines using at least 5 different discursive moves and a closing statement. You can add student lines if you think that the dialogue requires them. However, student lines will not count for the assignment. After each teacher line you should write a brief annotation explaining the discursive move of your choice and its purpose. To add new rows to the script, go to Table , Insert , Rows Below/Above . Please number lines of dialogue with numbers in between the multiples of ten of the original script. Add “A” to denote an annotation. For example, if I want to add a line of dialogue in between lines 130 and 140, I could write: 135: The teacher asks, “Laura, why do you think this is true?” and then I would add: 135A: Pressing for explanation because so far Laura has not explained the reasoning of her answer and she brings about an important concept regarding the slope of a line. As you add lines, you do not need to make the script one continuous discussion. You may isolate individual moments without worrying about the flow of the entire script. At the end of a discussion, it is important for the teacher to clarify ideas, to narrow down options, and to
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DiscourseScriptHomework2011 - Homework to Practice...

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