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Unformatted text preview: First Lesson Plan Assignment CI 401 Reading Assignment: For more background on the lesson planning process, read pp. 142 – 159 in Chapter 6 of the Brahier Text. This chapter includes a few examples of completed lesson plans. There are more examples of plans on pages 209, 218, 230, and 241. Lesson Plan Assignment: You will write a full lesson plan and bring a hard copy to our class on 10/19. During that class, we will have a “workshop” in which we give each other feedback and adjust our plans based upon the feedback of others. Your lesson plan should follow the format used in the Brahier text. If you have an alternate preferred planning format, please set up an appointment and we can discuss your options. Your plan should, at a minimum, include the components listed in the Brahier text: General Considerations, Goal(s), Objectives, Materials, Motivation/Hook (This can be included within the lesson procedure if you wish), Closure, Extension, and Assessment. In addition to these, your final component should be “Standards” in which you state which common core math standards and common core standards for mathematical practice are promoted in your lesson. (visit: ­standards/mathematics/ The practice standards are under the “Introduction Tab”) For each “mathematical practice” standard you choose, provide a one ­sentence justification as to how it is promoted in your lesson. Your goal is to write a detailed lesson procedure that highlights your growing ability to think like a teacher throughout the lesson. It should include a step ­by ­step description of how you anticipate the lesson might unfold. Refer to earlier rubrics (norms, explaining concepts, procedures, and discursive moves) for potential ideas to implement in your planning. Include “scripted” statements for key questions, transitions, and mathematical connections. Specific example problems should be given when applicable, anticipating possible student responses. What are some possible “sticky spots” for students? Lesson Plan Topic: For this assignment, you are to focus on one of the classes that you are working with in your field placement. If you already know a topic that you will be teaching, that would be a great choice for this assignment. If not, pick a topic that your class will be covering within the next month or so. Consult your cooperating teacher about course curriculum if needed. Due Date: Bring a working draft of your lesson to class in two weeks on 10/19. During that class you will have a chance to receive feedback and learn from the planning of others. You will then have a week to revise your plan (and add any additional items discussed in next week’s class) and turn in a final draft on 10/26. ...
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