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Hot Topics Resources These lists are meant to be a starting place to begin your research. These references may or may not be aligned to the exact topic of your presentation. Your instructors have previewed some of the articles, but not all of them. By examining the references listed at the end of an article, you will often find many more related articles that could be of use. 1. Increasing the Number of Minority Students in Accelerated Classes Walker, Erica N. "Why Aren't More Minorities Taking Advanced Math." Educational Leadership Nov. 2007: 48-53. 5 Mar. 2008. Horn, Iiana. "Why Do Students Drop Advanced Mathematics." Educational Leadership (2004): 61-64. Lubienski, Sarah Theule. “What We Can Do About Achievement Disparities.” Educational Leadership (Nov. 2007): 54-59. Educational Leadership (Feb 2004 Special Issue: Math acceleration for all) Holloway, J.H. (February 2004). Closing the Minority Achievement Gap in Math. Educational Leadership , Vol. 61 Mathematics Teacher (Aug 2007 Special Issue) Promoting Equity in Mathematics Berry, R. “Access to Upper-Level Mathematics: The Stories of Successful African American Middle School Boys”. Journal for Research in Math Education. (Nov. 2008) Treisman, Uri. "Studying Students Studying Calculus: a Look At the Lives of Minority Mathematics Students in College." The College Mathematics Journal 23 (1992): 362-372. Smith, Rosa A. "A Call for Universal Preschool." Educational Leadership (2004): 38-39. Sheridan-Thomas, Heather K. "GEAR UP for College." Educational Leadership (2006). Hale, Janice E. "How Schools Shortchange African American Children." Educational Leadership (2004): 34-38.
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HotTopics-Resources2011 - Hot Topics Resources These lists...

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