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Problems about Explaining Concepts 1. Vince Gogh is teaching an introductory lesson on functions to his Algebra I class. He writes on the board a definition of a function: “A function is a relation that assigns exactly one value in the range to each value in the domain.” a. How could he unpack the meaning of this definition to his class? Write a paragraph scripting what Vince could say to help his students understand the meaning of this definition. b. Show two examples that he could use to illustrate the meaning of this definition and one non-example. 2. Sonia Hernández is introducing the concept of “inverse variation” to her Algebra II class. a. How could she problematize the concept? b. Script a few lines that she could say to her class to problematize the concept. 3. Dee Kuhn wants to teach to her Geometry class the formulas for the surface area of a pyramid. Script what she could say in order to draw on students’ prior knowledge while making sure they understand all the ideas related by the formula.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Abilene Clark has been teaching her Algebra II class the logarithmic function and its properties relating addition and multiplication (and subtraction and division). She wants to make sure students use those properties well so she points out possible errors related to how the logarithmic function handles operations. Show how Abilene could a. demonstrate one of those errors, and b. explain why it is an error. 5. After defining the exponential function as y = a x , Jackson Little explains to students when that function is well defined. Script what he could say. 6. After a unit on graphing linear functions in her Algebra I class, Ms. Polly Nomeul is introducing the concept of solving a system of linear equations. a. Choose two linear functions that she could use to teach this concept. b. Show two representations of the concept using the functions you chose above. c. Script a few lines about what she could say to make connections between these representations....
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