509 - Insurance: Dont leave life without it Insurance...

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Insurance: Don’t leave life without it Insurance companies are there to prepare us for the worst-case scenarios n our lives. Instead of saving funds on our own, we could count on them, in exchange for premiums, to cover the expenses should we experience terrible happenings in our life. Life has innumerable risks and we could alleviate these perils through an insurance policy or two. It is can be customized (can be life or property insurance), it can be made so that our loved ones are also benefited, and most of all, it can give us worth more than what we paid for. Luckily, we can have more than one life insurance, thus, we can arrange for compensations of diverse features. Insurance may also imply that there are people/ organizations looking out for us. In the face of dark times, it is nice to know that there is still consolation. It comes with a price though. Its worthiness would depend on the benefits offered and the value that the beneficiaries place on the policy. But I believe that one should be concerned not only during and after a dreadful event, but also before it, in other words, to prevent or minimize the impact of these adverse events. Life is short and we don’t want to cut it shorter.
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509 - Insurance: Dont leave life without it Insurance...

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