Infomal Fallcies - Directions: Please indicate the best...

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Directions: Please indicate the best answer to the fallacies in the following passages. Not all passages necessarily contain fallacies. Fallacies present here include those of relevance and presumption. 1. Einstein became a great physicist because his parents and his teachers left him alone to dream. Had they badgered him to study, he never would have gotten beyond the Swiss patent office. Answer: Since there is no causal connection between "leaving someone alone to dream" and "becoming a great physicist," the fallacy of false cause occurs. 2. As I drove to school this morning, not one car which was turning had its turn signal on. Thus, I conclude that the drivers in this state are not well trained since they do not ever use their turn signals. Answer: The number of examples and the method of selection are not reliable methods of generalization; hence, the fallacy of converse accident occurs 3. The best definition distinguishing man from the other animals is that man is a rational animal. Therefore, you, as a person, should spend more time studying and using your brain than you should spend for having a good time. Answer : Although all persons, as human beings, have rational capacities, it does not follow that in this specific case one should necessarily be rational more often--fallacy of accident is committed. 4. I can see that you are greatly impressed by the power of logic and argument. Therefore, are you going to sign up for Philosophy 102: Introduction to Philosophic Inquiry this semester or next semester? It's got to be one or the other. Answer: The question presupposes that the listener will sign up for a logic course; hence, the fallacy of complex question occurs. 5. The Smithson Foundation is investigating whether or not police officers are using excessive force in traffic arrests of minorities. Hence, we may conclude that some police officers, at least, use excessive force in that kind of arrest. Answer: An investigation does not entail that any evidence has been forthcoming so far. Since no evidence is adduced, one cannot justifiably come to a conclusion. The fallacy of ad ignorantiam occurs in this passage. 6. The testimony of the defendant accused of manslaughter in this indictment should be disallowed because she has been arrested for shoplifting on many occasions. Answer: Strictly speaking, one should evaluate the cogency of the testimony and evaluate it on its own merit. Fallacy of ad hominem occurs because being a shoplifter does not entail not telling the truth. 7. Why haven't you written to your Mother often as you should? You would feel much better about yourself if you would attend to the details of life which are this important. Answer:
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Infomal Fallcies - Directions: Please indicate the best...

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