PE Reaction Paper - Painting the Stress Away Recreation...

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Painting the Stress Away Recreation benefits us in a way that all our anxiety and constant worrying can be minimized, if not eliminated. There are many things in life that put pressure on us and it’s very essential to have an activity or two that will serve as our conduit towards a tranquil lifestyle. Last November 28, 2011, we went to Let’s Paint located at SM for our figurine painting as a requisite for the course. Personally, at first I was diffident because it was my first time engaging in a painting activity, and a figurine painting for that matter. I was not sure if I could already call it leisure, knowing that I am a still a novice with little or no knowledge about the activity. I even had a hard time in choosing a figurine to paint. But then, as I started the activity, I concentrated on making my work as clean and accurate as possible, watching out for even the most minuscule mistake in my brush strokes. I focused on crafting a presentable output that I can be happy of. As I guided my brush on every nook and cranny of the statuette, I began to lose grip of what I was very conscious of at first – time. I didn’t care how long I will take me painting. I want to finish it not for the sake of finishing it but for the joy and accomplishment of it. It was then when I realized that I actually enjoyed the painting activity. I put my very best in painting, but at the same time, I took the pleasure of having fun from it. We [with a classmate] were laughing and talking and painting. Even though we had upcoming major exams the next day, I was not that bothered anymore. I think the recreational activity really did alleviate and lessen my stress. I feel like I had breather from the ever- taxing life of a BS Accountancy student like me. I think it even helped me to simmer down and better organize the stuff in my head. With just nearly two hours of recreation, my stress level lowered down
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This note was uploaded on 12/16/2011 for the course ACCOUNTANC 506 taught by Professor Mr.reyes during the Spring '11 term at University of the Philippines Diliman.

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PE Reaction Paper - Painting the Stress Away Recreation...

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