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Unformatted text preview: “The term ‘ERP implementation’ has become synonymous with ‘nightmare’ in recent years”.- Derek S. Dieringer At present, many business entities have decided to install ERP systems, a move that started off as far as a couple of decades ago. There are many famous and infamous accounts concerning ERP implementation. These have become the foundation of the continual innovations of ERP systems. Hershey Foods Corporation, a well-received company, experienced the ugly side of ERP implementation. They lost hundreds of millions in dollars, suffered a sharp dive in profit and stocks. The question is, why, an established corporation as Hershey Foods, went through all of this? They took ERP implementation for granted. They deemed that a system upgrade such as ERP would take only a tad of effort and time. They started the implementation on one of the busiest seasons of the year – Halloween. They faced problems on their order management and warehouse implementation. Their supposed-to-be ‘big bang’ became a big flop. Apart from the management and warehouse implementation....
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