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SAMPLING METHODS Determine the sampling method being illustrated in each of the following situation: (random, systematic, stratified, or cluster) 1. In a large school district, all teachers from building 2 are interviewed to determine whether they believe that the students have less homework to do now than in previous years. 2. Every seventh customer entering a shopping mall is asked to select his or her favourite store. 3. Marketing supervisors are selected using random numbers in order to determine annual salaries. 4. Every hundredth hamburger manufactured is checked to determine its fat content. 5. Mail carriers of a large city are divided into four groups according to gender (male or female) and according to whether they walk or ride on their routes. Then 10 are selected from each group and interviewed to determine whether they have been bitten by a dog in the last year. 6. A researcher divided subjects into two groups according to gender and then
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Unformatted text preview: selected members from each group for her sample. 7. National Lottery Numbers. 8. Suppose there are 2000 subjects in the population and a sample of 50 subjects are needed. Since 2000/50=40, then k=40. And every 40 th subject would be selected. However, the first subject (numbered between 1-40), would be selected at random. Suppose subject 12 was the first subject selected; then the sample would consist of the subjects whose numbers were 12, 52, 92, etc. until 50 subjects are obtained. 9. Suppose the SSC president wishes to see if the opinions of the freshmen differ from those of the sophomores. The president will select students from each group to use in the sample. 10. Suppose the researcher wishes to survey apartment dwellers in a large city. If there are 10 apartment buildings in the city, the researcher can select at random 2 buildings and interview all the residents of these buildings....
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