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ii ABSTRACT DEVELOPMENT OF E-COMMERCE WEBSITE AT THE DISTRO AUREL By YASFI AULIA PRADELLA 10107169 Aurel distro is a store that was founded 10 years ago that sell products in the form of clothing includes shirts, jackets, pants, purses, sandals, belt and hat that has customers spread throughout Indonesia. System sales in that Aurel current distributions still use the conventional system, where customers have come to the shop to choose and purchase the desired product. E-commerce website Aurel distributions constructed using the model system in the form of data flow diagrams (Flow Map), context diagrams, and
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Unformatted text preview: Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), as well as in database design using a data dictionary, and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). While the language used in building web applications using PHP language using Adobe Dreamweaver 3. Based on the results of tests performed with the Black box method that consists of alpha and beta testing it can be concluded that e-commerce website Distro Aurel easier for customers to do transactions online, can do promotions within its global reach, companies can increase profits from the sale, and provide reports in digital form. Key Word : Website, e-commerce, DFD, ERD, Flowmap....
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