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Unformatted text preview: DOEACC SOCIETY DATE SHEET FOR JANUARY, 2012 EXAMINATION FN: FORENOON: 09.30 to 12.30 Hrs. IST : AN: AFTERNOON: 14.00 to 17.00 Hrs. IST LEVEL DAY(s) ‘O’ LEVEL ‘A’ LEVEL 'B' LEVEL ‘C’ LEVEL AN AN FN AN FN AN OLD SYLLABUS NEW SYLLABUS OLD SYLLABUS NEW SYLLABUS OLD SYLLABUS NEW SYLLABUS OLD SYLLABUS NEW SYLLABUS 14 th January, 2012 M1-R4 (New) IT Tools & Business Systems A1-R4 (New) IT Tools & Business Systems B3.1-R3 Mgmt. Fundamentals & Info.Sys. B3.1-R4 Mgmt. Fundamentals & Info. Sys. B4.3-R3 Software Testing & Quality Mgmt. B1.1-R4 IT Tools and Business Systems C12-R3 Distributed Systems C0-R4.B1 Elements of Mathematical Sciences C10-R3 Computer Graphics & Animation C1-R4 Advanced Computer Graphics BE12-R4 Information Storage & Management 15 th January, 2012 M2-R4 (New) Internet Technology & Web Design A2-R4 (New) Internet Technology & Web Design B4.2-R3 Discrete Structure B3.2-R4 Discrete Structures B3.5-R3 Networking & Mob. Comm. B1.2-R4 Internet Technology & Web Design CE1-R3 Advanced Computer Architecture C0-R4.B4 Computer System Architecture C7-R3 Advanced Computer Networks C2-R4 Advanced Computer Networks BE11-R4 Wireless & Mobile Comm....
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