Black death, white death B

Black death, white death B - expected to live as long are...

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Black Death, White Death, Deborah Carr Deborah Carr’s article, Black Death, White Death, analyzes the difference in life expectancy and longevity between African Americans and Caucasians. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics shows over a fifty-year span the life expectancy gap of five to eight years, with African Americans dying younger, has not significantly decreased even with increasing medical technology. Carr discusses studies that explain the gap with several theories. Some of the theories suggest African Americans receive less accurate and incomplete health counseling, they are less likely to have health insurance, less likely to have proper nutrition and exercise, and are more likely to die in a homicide. A recent poll also found Americans worry the most about health insurance, in particular, cost and accessibility. In my opinion, the theories explaining why African Americans may not be
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Unformatted text preview: expected to live as long are as correct as possible. However, now we know why they may not live as long, we should theorize how to change the numbers. How can health care be made more accessible and more affordable to all? How can the health care that is presently available be made more accurate and more complete? Not only do African Americans have trouble with health care. Many of our elderly are concerned with how they will afford their medications and insurance. Many of our self-employed citizens who must purchase their own insurance have difficulty financing their own. Overall health care is a national issue, and I believe African American life expectancy is another effect stemming from the larger heading of national health care. When national health care is made more available and affordable to all, I believe it will help close the life expectancy gap and add to the stability of the nation....
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Black death, white death B - expected to live as long are...

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