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Nicole Chan 28 November 2011 Irene Boeckmann Memo 7 Juliet Schor (2009) discusses the social injustice and environmental issues that arise from the manufacture of clothing in her article, “Cleaning The Closet: Toward a New Fashion Ethic” (Schor 2009). Schor strongly believes that consumers are the main contributors to the hazardous production process that result in the environmental consequences that the sweatshop workers face; her belief is that consumers should rethink their shopping habits and follow the three principles she has produced for the new kind of clothing consumer: quality verses quantity, return to small-scale enterprises, and movement toward socially just and environmentally responsible production practices (Schor 396 2009). Schor supports her argument of the exploitation of workers with data and evidence provided by the National Labor Committee, German studies on health effects, and designers such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren and Nike (Schor 398-401 2009). Howard Kimeldorf (2006) conducts a study on consumers in department stores to observe how many will actually pay more for clothes not made in sweatshops in “Consumers With A Conscience: Will They Pay More?” (Kimeldorf 2006). Kimeldorf follows up with interviews of shoppers questioning them why and how they made their decisions in picking one product over another. Kimeldorf gathered that most people either did not understand what “good working conditions” actually meant, or did not even notice the sign. Ironically, the people who did notice the sign were willing to pay a bit more to
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memo 7 - Nicole Chan 28 November 2011 Irene Boeckmann Memo...

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