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Nicole Chan 24 September 2011 Piper Gaubatz Theme 1: Community (Drug) Crime in Mexico City Mexico city, capital of Mexico, was built by the Aztecs in 1325 and is located on a giant plateau surrounded by mountains in southern Mexico in what is now known as The Valley of An ahuac (Valley of Mexico) (Country Facts and Information 2004). The city’s whopping population of 22 million inhabitants serves as the second largest metropolitan city in the world. While Mexico City is home for the rich, there is an increasing growth of poverty; 40% of the population lives below the poverty line (Sudjic 2006). In addition to being a major area of tourist attraction, Mexico, is a major oil producer and exporter making it the second-largest economy in Latin America (BBC 2011). The main issue in Mexico City is the increasing drug-crime related violence. Mexico City currently holds the highest kidnapping rate in the world, with over fifteen thousand drug-related deaths last year, a 60% jump from 2009. In recent news there has been over thirty thousand drug-war deaths, three thousand of which, took place in Mexico City within this year (Associated Press Chicago Sun-Times 2011). The government predicts that at the current going rate, there will be sixty-five thousand drug- related deaths by the end of next year (De Cordoba and Luhnow 2011). Clearly there is an epidemic here; the ongoing drug wars have been only getting worse as a result of the 1
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government campaign against drug gangs/cartels. Tension is at its peak and it is a cutthroat competition between major drug cartels for new grounds. Major gangs such as The Zetas have caused fear among locals and migrants in Mexico City. Migrants are in fear of getting captured and murdered by the Zetas and they have high hopes of crossing the US border for freedom. The Zetas’ hunger for territory had spread into northern Guatemala and resulted in a grisly massacre on 14 th
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mexico city - Nicole Chan 24 September 2011 Piper Gaubatz...

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