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ACCY 161 – Spring 2010 Budgeting for Governmental Entities – Chapter 13 ACCY161Sp10_Notes19 Page 1 of 7 I. Budget Officer – Why Budgeting is Important A. Job Desicription Staff Services Manager I (Specialist), Budget Officer – Information Technology & Management Services Division - Salary: $5079 - $6127 California Public Utilities Commission Information Technology & Management Services Division How To Apply : Interested candidates must submit an online job application along with a resume, statement of qualifications (soq) and a completed questionnaire. The SOQ must address the candidate’s experience and qualifications as they relate specifically to bullet items in the Required Experience/Qualifications section of this bulletin. The SOQ shall be in 11 point, Arial font, no longer than three (3) typewritten pages and should be in a narrative format. Candidates will be rated on the content of their statements as well as their written communication skills. If a candidate submits more than three pages, only the first three pages of the SOQ will be evaluated. The content of the SOQ should provide the reviewers with sufficient details for each topic area to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to serve as a Staff Services Manager I (Specialist) in the capacity of Budget Officer. The Questionnaire requires responses to the questions listed below in writing. The response should be typed and no more than three (3) pages in length. Please do not state “see application or see resume” in your responses. In the ONLINE JOB APPLICATION, please enter responses to your Questionnaire in the same field as the SOQ. 1. Briefly describe a situation that demonstrates your ability to maintain good relationships with a diverse (all program/operational/administrative levels/technical and non-technical) customer base in a complex environment. 2. Describe a project you've managed including a) number of team members on project b) work with vendors, agencies & the public c) level of responsibility d) degree of autonomy e) project outcome f) what you learned from the experience. 3. Describe your experience in the preparation and development of budgets. Specifically, describe the methodology used to develop them, your role and responsibilities, staff and their responsibilities, evaluation and monitoring, and effective controls. 4. Describe your experience leading teams through difficult situations. Explain the situation, what specifically made that situation difficult, how you managed the team through that situation, and the final outcome. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Budget Officer will be responsible for the Budget Office and report to the Chief of Management Services, who reports to the Director of the Division. The Budget Officer will be responsible for the development, adoption and administration of the Commission’s budget. This position is also responsible for directing and managing complex, distributed analytical projects of
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ACCY161Fa10_Notes19_Budget - ACCY 161 Spring 2010 I....

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