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AC I I I CCY 161 – F I. Class No 1. Exa B. Class P II. GAAP H 1. Stat 2. Tec 3. Em 4. “Q’ III. Governm forth in t A. B. Fall 2010 otes am #2 –from Projects Hierarchy Su tements and chnical Bulle erging Issue s and A’s” a mental Audi the “ yellow “The concep process and officials, an provided ef regulations. objectives a accountable Governmen accountable confidence i as in the rela a framewor managemen Include Gen Expanded fo 504/444 – n have standa last commen SacCT ummary – Se Interpretatio etins and Ind es and Practi and industry iting Standar book :” pt of accoun a critical ele nd the public fficiently, ef They also w and desired o e to legislativ nt auditing is e to the peop in the report ated systems rk to audito nt, decision nerally Acce or specific n note the “*” o rds for perfo nt refers to t Class Not ee Page 499/ ons dustry Guide ce Bulletins practices rds – GAGA ntability for p ement for a want to kno ffectively, ec want to know outcomes, an ve bodies an a key eleme le. Auditing ted informati s of internal ors so that th making, ov pted Auditin needs of gove on the illustr ormance aud he prior edit es #18 – Au /439 es AS: General public resour healthy dem
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This note was uploaded on 12/15/2011 for the course ACCY 161 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '10 term at CSU San Bernardino.

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ACCY161_Fa10_Notes18_Auditing - ACCY 161 Fall 2010 Class...

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