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ACCY 161 – Fall 2010 Chapter 5 Accounting for General Capital Assets and Capital Projects (The are not the same – can be a little confusing) ACCY161Fa10_Notes09 Page 1 of 3 I. Class Notes 1. Exam #1 results posted this evening 2. Chapter practice question 3. Projects during the last half of the class II. A few points: A. General Capital Assets: Those capital assets of a government that are not recognized by a proprietary or fiduciary fund – see glossary in text and beginning of Chapter Six. B. Capital Asset: Follows ACCY 112 concepts – see page 172 in text 1. Statement of net assets – found here on the government-wide statements 2. Balance sheet – not found here on the fund statements C. Capital asset policies in footnotes – “fn” 1. Cost 2. Lives 3. Depreciation methods D. Schedule of changes in net assets and schedule of depreciation - see page 171+ in text E. Infrastructure and the modified approach – page 176 in text 1. Use of an asset management system 2. Report the status of the maintenance of the infrastructure assets F. Asset impairments G. Capital and operating leases – just know the concepts. This is an ACCY 113 topic H. Life-cycle of capital project and capital assets – see page 190 and 191
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ACCY161Fa10_Notes09 - ACCY 161 Fall 2010 I. Chapter 5...

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