Lect+30+Fall+2011 - 11/14/2011 ExpectationsforPresentations

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11/14/2011 1 Chapter 11: Nutrition – Food for Though Food for Thought (continued) Nov. 16/2011 Expectations for Presentations (after Thanksgiving) Present your paper Thesis statement – introduce your topic Supporting arguments/counter arguments Ild li k ti (if t Include clicker questions (if you want) Email me the slides 1 day before Slide count? 10 mins followed by Q & A 2 Review from Last Lecture Cis vs. trans Why are trans fats bad? Carbohydrates Mono/di/poly Starch vs. cellulose Lactose intolerance Review: The molecule below is: 1. An alcohol 2. A carbohydrate 3 A protein 4 3. A protein 4. An amino acid 5. A carboxylic acid
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11/14/2011 2 Back to Nutrition The body does not normally store a supply of protein; so, foods containing protein must be ingested (meat, nuts, eggs, grains, beans) Principal source of nitrogen (from NH nitrogen (from –NH 2 ) Healthy diet Æ ‘nitrogen balanced’ Kids/pregnant women Æ ‘positive nitrogen’ ‘Negative nitrogen balance’ Æ not enough in diet (especially lacking essential amino acids) 5 Essential Amino Acids There are 20 natural amino acids (we make 11 )
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Lect+30+Fall+2011 - 11/14/2011 ExpectationsforPresentations

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